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The MOBED(mobile embedded system) research group at Yonsei Univesity has actively been participating in the research and development of a wide range of embedded and target-specific system software. We are currently interested in (1) power-aware embedded operating systems, (2) intermittent computing for batteryless IoT system, (3) secure microkernel, and (4) battery management systems(BMS).

1. Power Optimization for Mobile Devices
Linux kernel and Android framework optimization for energy/thermal-aware devices
Energy-aware scheduler and governor for heterogeneous multi-core AP
Cooperative energy optimization for AP components – CPU/GPU/memory
Power monitoring tools – AppScope, DevScope, UserScope, WakeScope
UI optimization for accurate battery information/capacity

2. Intermittent Computing for Batteryless IoT System
Energy harvesting hardware for batteryless node
Machine learning-based sensor fusion for IoT applications
Operation systems support for intermittent systems
Remote monitoring and debugging for intermittent IoT devices
Application development for batteryless IoT systems

3. Secure Microkernel
Microkernel optimization for embedded systems (TizenRT, NuttX, FreeRTOS, ...)
Development of high-assurance (>EAL6) secure microkernel
Security, safety, correctness-provisioning microkernel
Failsafe and secure software for Drones (quadcopter)

4. Battery Management System (BMS)
Lithium-ion battery cell and pack modeling, SoC, SoH estimation
Machine learning-based Lithium-ion battery diagnosis and prognosis
BattMan/SuperMan – multi-cell battery systems for mobile devices
BMS software for multi-cell devices (drone, appliances, electric vehicle)